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A table where everyone has a seat

David’s Table, a nonprofit organization that serves adults with disabilities and their families by connecting them to community, resources and purpose, was founded in 2010. Based in Greenville, SC, we primarily serve adults with disabilities and their families across the Upstate of South Carolina.

Purpose in a pivotal moment

Our story begins in 1999, when our founder and storyteller-in-chief, Skeeter Powell, first spent time with high schoolers with disabilities as a volunteer at Young Life. The moment would prove to be pivotal—not only for these students who would soon be launched into adulthood—but also for Skeeter, who realized his friends were stepping into a void as their resources, relationships and support disappeared. Students with disabilities were left to cross into adulthood alone, and they desperately needed community and connections on the other side. 

Skeeter created David’s Table to fill the gap for our friends and their caregivers. Our name comes from 2 Samuel 9, a chapter of the Bible that tells the story of King David making a permanent place at his table for Mephibosheth, the crippled grandson of former King Saul. In King David’s day, this act was a remarkable expression of honor and mercy—a taste of the kindness David himself had received from God. Today, we make it our mission to pour out this same kindness to the world by setting a table where everyone has a seat.